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About KenTunes

KenTunes is an online music store specializing in the promotion and sale of Kenyan music.

KenTunes emerged out of the frustrations of the website’s founder, Kevin Muthuri, as he was shopping for Kenyan music in 2007 during a trip to Nairobi. Having returned to Nairobi from a visit to Mombasa, he began shopping for the music that he had heard being played at the Coast.

After going from shop after shop searching for the music, he realized pretty quickly how hard and time consuming the process is for other Kenyan music listeners. However, he knew there is got to be a better way to shop for Kenyan music.

After much thought, Kevin enlisted the services of reputable website developers to build an exclusive and comprehensive online music store. The developer worked on the website for quite some time and then KenTunes was officially launched in March of 2009.

KenTunes vision is to promote Kenyan artists and give them a platform on the center stage of the digital world. Our ethical business model ensures that Kenyan artists realize their potential and make a meaningful living from their work.

KenTunes mission is to provide the best musical experience for lovers of Kenyan music. We strive to be the one-stop music store for Kenyans music fans wherever they may be in the world. Through our online store, users can buy music by their favorite Kenyan artists.

Our philosophy is to deliver high quality Kenyan music at a reasonable price through a secure website.

Please stay tuned as we expand our music collection with diverse and vibrant music from all corners of Kenya.