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What Our Customers Are Saying

Whenever the weeks seem a bit too long, the emails we receive from customers are what keep us going. We appreciate your kind words of encouragement and we are thankful for allowing us to serve your Kenyan music needs, now and in the future.

“Thanks for allowing us to enjoy this music. I purchased this music for my grandmother.” by I.K. from UK.

"This is just a message to inform you that I am very, very, very pleased with your services", says C.N. from Denmark.

“Thanks for the songs, I was able to burn them on a CD” by C.W. from USA.

“You are doing a wonderful job in promoting Kenyan music” by J.O. from Kenya.

“Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I really appreciate it and most of all I am looking forward to downloading songs from your web site. Keep up the good work.” by G.L. from USA.

“I love Kenyan music because I’m from there” by D.T. from USA.

“Your website is a godsend - I was able to get an album (Ekkaleo, Hellon) that even Media Stores have not had forever. Thanks, Happy Client “ by P.K. from Kenya.

“I like the website and the products it offers” by C.B. from USA.

“Thanks for your good work in promoting Kenyan artists” by J.K. from Kenya.

“Thanks for your thoughtful reply; it was a pleasant surprise to discover your website and I certainly will buy from you again. Buying music online is a new experience for me and I took some time to download the songs from the album I purchased from your site.” by J.K. from USA.

“Hi KenTunes, I received the 14 songs via email & have downloaded to iTunes. Thanks” by J.M. from USA.

“I finally figured out how the system works and managed to make a few purchases. Thank you for your response.” By M.O. from USA.

“KenTunes, you’re good, and great services. All the best!! Gooday!” by O.O. from USA.

“This is my first experience purchasing something through KenTunes. Thanks a lot” by P.K. from Canada.