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Gikuyu Cokererai Ngai

Gikuyu Cokererai Ngai

Jane Nyambura Ciira, popularly known as Queen Jane, is one of the shining stars of Benga music in Kenya. Her ability to fuse traditional Mucungwa with Benga has endeared her to many fans, both young and old. 

After dropping out of High School, she started out as a vocalist for Joseph Kamaru before joining Musaimao’s Mbiri Young Stars. She later went on to perform on her own as Queen Jane. She also credits Wamucii Benson and Elizabeth Nyambere as her mentors. 

Queen Jane passed away on June 29th 2010 aged 45 years but her legacy still lives on in her music.

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  Name Time Preview
Gikuyu Cokererai Ngai 6:11
Best Maid 6:01
Niwe Dawa 5:33
Date cia Maheni 6:29
Muoyo Ni Wa Ngai 6:01
Ndathima 6:00
Ndwari Kindu 5:51
: *
: *
: *
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14 Great Hits

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