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Kamjue Mungu

Kamjue Mungu
1. Mujue Mungu: This melody came in my heart when the prophecy of Judgment coming to Haiti that was made by the Prophet Dr Edward Awour was fulfilled. When the foundations of the earth shook, it made me realize the wrath and power of God. I took my guitar and this song was born. It meant a lot to me and now it shall be shared with the world. 
2. Garments: This is a powerful song. It came to me at Prophet Dr Awour’s meeting in Bhukungu stadium, Kakamega, 2012. I got to the stadium with my Mum that evening, and getting through the gates was difficult with hundreds of people queuing in lines. We stood for hours just to enter through the gates, but there was a group of people who entered through the gates very easily. These ones had one thing in common an identification mark, the worshipper’s gowns. Ushers had the sash. Security men had cards, Pastors and their wives had an identification mark, as well as everyone who served in the ministry.
I understood the message that he preached of the Garment of the hour at that time. It made me realize the power of the garment of righteousness to enter through the gates of heaven.Then God put this song in my heart, with a beautiful melody.
3. False Prophet: This song is based on Revelation 6 and Matthew 24 about the signs of the coming Messiah and how these are unfolding everyday in our time.
4. Enzini: Inspired by an understanding of the throne of God. Jesus is enthroned with cherubim, seraphim's, angels and 24 elders in all the splendor of heaven. And the servant of God sitting on the ark of covenant in heaven. This was a deeper revelation on how God is enthroned and it inspired me.
5. Mkimbilie Bwana: Inspired by the massive multitudes of people who attend your revival meetings, they run to God to save their souls from hell and to be healed. These people run to the fields and gather before Jehovah. To see this inspires me.
6. God reigns: This song is a praise song about the Majesty of God.
For He is coming to conquer and establish His kingdom on earth and reign forever.
This album is dedicated to the message of  Holiness and Repentance as given to The Prophet Dr Awour by The Lord.
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  Name Time Preview
Mjue Mungu 5:58
False Prophets 4:11
Mkimbilie Bwana 4:47
Garments 3:51
Enzini 4:46
You Reign 3:13
: *
: *
: *
Live And Love
Wewe Ni Mwema
Live And Love Wewe Ni Mwema

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  • Author: khamala elvis
    kamjue mungu by doreen amlani
  • Author: Albano Da Trindade Ferreira Nunes
    QUIERO urgente este álbum completo de la cantante Doreen AMLANI, para ser enviado a mi DIRRECCION postal