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Born in Uganda, Samuel Kasule showed a canny interest in music at a very early age when he built his very first guitar out of wood and tins. However, his mother would hear none of it and smashed his first two home-made guitars. Sammy made a third one and which he hid in the bushes, and secretly played it whenever he was sent on an errand. In secondary school, he joined Katikamu Light College band beginning his lifelong career as a musician.

Sammy Kasule later dropped out of school and first joined Super Kaumba and Les Noirs in the 1970’s. Owing to the political climate in his native country, Sammy fled Idi Amin’s reign of terror for Kenya where he established himself. During this period he played bass guitar for Vundumuna in addition to recording 2 albums. The self titled Kasule and Muziki.

Now living in Sweden since 1991, Sammy Kasule started a band named Makonde which he leads. The band is a rare mix of cultures consisting of musicians from several African countries and also some from Sweden. He continues to compose, sing and also plays the bass guitar.

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  Name Time Preview
Kipenzi 6:52
Ndoa Ya Furaha 4:26
Gwe Manange 4:14
Ndoto 5:40
Asante 5:55
Muziki 6:01
: *
: *
: *
14 Great Hits
African Rhythms
Ambarara Mwathani
14 Great Hits African Rhythms Ambarara Mwathani

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