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All music tracks and albums are priced in U.S. dollars. To provide you with the best service, music downloads are priced from $0.99 to $1.49 depending on the number of tracks purchased.

Tracks Per Track Total
1 $1.49 $1.49
2 $1.39 $2.79
3 $1.29 $3.87
4 $1.19 $4.76
5 $1.09 $5.45
6 $0.99 $5.94
7 $0.99 From $6.93

To get the most value from your purchase and for the best listening experience, we recommend that you to buy complete albums.

There are no taxes, extra charges or service fees associated with the music downloads. Occasionally we will sell music at promotional prices. To get notified, create a user account and sign up for email notification. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds.

All music sales are final. Owing to the amounts involved, it is not possible for KenTunes to transact refunds.

Once your transaction is processed, your music purchase is charged to your credit or debit card. Should you encounter an error in pricing, send us an email through the contact us web-page. Be sure to include the details associated with the transaction.

Please note that all KenTunes music downloads are for personal, non-commercial use.