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Tetete - Luo sacred song meaning, I labour for God; I surrender all to God.

Ndia Yolile - A nostalgic Kamba folk tune that emphasizes on faith; for all is vanity.

Linda Kenya - Swahili Patriotic song about the love and devotion for Kenya.

Soree - A Luhya folk celebration song for all occasions.

Malaika - A Swahili/Kikuyu/Luo love song, rendition of the world-famous tune.

Jii Gombo Nene - Luo folk that talks of domestic responsibility, and again an imminent, popular leader.

Miatu Ya Njuki - An Embu love song praising the beauty of a local girl.

Onting’I - Kisii folk celebration song; speaks of a fete to welcome guests.

Rungu Rwa Ihiga - A Kikuyu gospel about walking in the spirit and seeking refuge “under the Rock”.

Tamasha Beats is a Neo-Afro-Folk Acappella band based in Nairobi. Tamasha Beats was founded in May 2008 by the trio, Maurice Anguka, Justin Mirichii and Odek Ochung’, all of whom are seasoned singers and performers.

The band’s objective is to seek a renaissance, upholding and promoting of the beautiful african culture through music. Apart from Acappella, the trio also specialize in composing, recording and performing the popular Afro-fusion music. Tamasha Beats has also recruited in their ranks, 15 experienced singers and performers.

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  Name Time Preview
Tetete 5:38
Ndia Yolile 5:54
Linda Kenya 6:40
Soree 6:06
Malaika 4:47
Jii Gombo Nene 5:23
Miatu Ya Njuki 5:16
Onting'i 5:48
Rungu Rwa Ihiga 5:06
Malaika (Acoustic) 4:43
: *
: *
: *
11th Hour
African Ribina
Airitu A Ruiru
11th Hour African Ribina Airitu A Ruiru

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