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How do I buy music? To purchase music, you will need to create a simple online account or login to your existing account to facilitate selection, payment and downloading of music.

How does KenTunes work? Just select your tracks or click on the ‘Buy Album’ button to select the entire album. Afterwhich, click on the add to shopping cart to add an item to your shopping cart.

How will I pay for my order? You can pay using a credit card, debit card or by PayPal. (We accept all cards with the Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Our website uses a secure server that guarantees privacy and security on all payment transactions. Your transaction security is of paramount importance to us and we do not store any financial information.

How will I receive the music? Your music is automatically delivered via a web link to the email address provided. The music files are immediately available for download on to your computer.

I did not get my downloads. What should I do? Your order is automatically delivered to your email adress in your user account. If you can't see the email in your inbox, check the junk email folder.

Will this music play on my MP3 player? Yes. All songs are plain MP3 files which play on any MP3 player. There are no restrictions on MP3 files.

Is there a subscription fee or any other additional charges? No. There are no monthly subscription fees or other additional charges. You only pay the price of the songs or albums you want.

Are KenTunes music downloads safe? We ensure all music you download is virus free and should not affect your computer's operation. Please note that KenTunes is not responsible for any computer issues related to your system software, application software or hardware.